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Orthomol Sport - For those who give their all!

Important micronutrients for good performance in sports

Lactose and gluten free.

Orthomol Sport is a food supplement containing magnesium which contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and to normal muscle function. With L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Package of 30 daily portions bottles within 1 box of 30x20ml bottles, capsule and tablet or package of 7 daily portions bottles, capsule and tablet within 1 box of 7x20ml.

Delicious, organic herbal tea for breastfeeding moms.

Promotes a harmonious breastfeeding relationship. The organic breastfeeding tea supports milk production and promotes a harmonious breastfeeding relationship. 

Wellion GOLD inverted sugar acts quickly in the state of hypoglycaemia. It contains magnesium, and it is also ideal for athletes.

Content: 40 g / 28.5 ml

Wellion Inverted Sugar - Quick Help with Hypoglycemia, works fast and brings immediate relief.


Very tasty candies made with the addition of peppermint extract.

Very tasty candies made from ginger extract.

Due to the lack of caffeine, kukicha is significantly different from other teas and is therefore suitable for babies, young children and people sensitive to caffeine

Powder containing Rebaudioside A above 97% + purity with inulin. 

Unpeeled oats are used to make tea. Boil 50-100 g of oats in 1.5 l of water and cook for 20 minutes. Strain and drink chilled.

Umeboshi is a type of fruit that ripens in June and is native to Asia.

Arame are thin threaded algae, mild in taste and combine well with root vegetables, tofu or seeds.

Stevia is a natural sweetener in tablets containing Rebaudioside-A above 97% + purity, of organic origin. 

FruchtGarten fruit spread black currant 225 g

Organic fruit-spread black currant.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free.

Tamari is a traditional Japanese spicy salty flavor, prepared from pure soy, water and sea salt.

FruchtGarten fruit spread wild berry 225 g

Organic fruit-spread wild berry.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free.

Nori alga (Porphya yezoensis) is an indispensable part of sushi, which is why it is the most popular alga in the world.

Shoyu is a traditional Japanese salty-flavored spice, prepared from soy and wheat. It is used daily in cooking to season dishes.

Ideal breakfast for athletes and active people. They will love this gluten-free oat muesli. The new gluten-free organic oat muesli sport is unsweetened, high in protein and tastes delicious with milk, plant drinks, curd cheese or yoghurt. 

Sunflower oil for frying with a high content of oleic acid.

Flax seeds are extremely rich in composition and are among the most nutritious seeds.

Kuzu is a plant from the legume family that grows wild in the mountains and fields of Japan. It is used for thickening stews, sauces, toppings as well as for preparing hot drinks.

Do you want a delicious snack, enjoy a slightly nutty taste of sunflower seeds, which will fill you up and provide important nutrients.

The creamy structure of nuts enables the wide application of this food in desserts, vegetable whipped cream, shakes, salads and nutritious spreads.

Miso with rice is a fermented pasta made from soy and brown rice with the addition of sea salt and the "koji" culture used in Japanese cuisine. 

Snack on them during the day, sprinkle over the finished meal or use a blender to make delicious spreads. You can add them to soups and stews or to salads.

The tiny oval sesame seeds give the dishes a nutty flavor and delicate crunchiness. The main ingredients are tahini (sesame butter) and the famous Central European sweet - halva.

Soy miso is a fermented soybean paste with the addition of sea salt and the "koji" culture used in Japanese cuisine.

Light or white miso (shiro miso) is a smooth paste obtained by the process of fermentation of soybeans with brown rice, with the addition of sea salt and the culture "koji" used in Japanese cuisine. 

Completely natural, without the addition of sugar, artificial flavors and colors.

Rice vinegar is made from brown rice in the traditional way by a months-long pickling process.