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Orthomol Sport - For those who give their all

Important micronutrients for good performance in sports

Lactose and gluten free.

Orthomol Sport is a food supplement containing magnesium which contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and to normal muscle function. With L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Package of 30 daily portions bottles within 1 box of 30x20ml bottles, capsule and tablet or package of 7 daily portions bottles, capsule and tablet within 1 box of 7x20ml.

Traditionally rolled corn flakes in Demeter quality. Extra crispy – also in milk, yogurt or cereal drinks. Or just without anything just o crunch. 

Delicious, organic herbal tea for breastfeeding moms.

Promotes a harmonious breastfeeding relationship. The organic breastfeeding tea supports milk production and promotes a harmonious breastfeeding relationship. 

Rabenhorst 11+11 Fruit&Vegetable Juice, Vegan, 750ml
KM6.26 KM6.95 -10%

Multi-Fruit, - Vegetable & Vitamin Juice

Enjoy this delicious juice which through careful processing retains the nutrients and goodness of the fruit.

Cinnamon is used in many world traditions, especially Ayurveda, because of its beneficial nutritional properties.

Wellion GOLD inverted sugar acts quickly in the state of hypoglycaemia. It contains magnesium, and it is also ideal for athletes.

Content: 40 g / 28.5 ml

Taste the fragrant mixture of Yogi tea "Classic" with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and other aromatic herbs.

Okinawa Barley Miso, 345 g, organic
KM14.31 KM15.90 -10%

Miso with barley is a fermented soybean and barley paste with the addition of sea salt and the "who" culture used in Japanese cuisine.

Ideal for breakfast with milk, juice, cottage cheese, yogurt. Or just without anything just to crunch.

Rabenhorst 11+11 Red Juice, Vegan, 750ml
KM6.26 KM6.95 -10%

Multi-Fruit and Multi-Vitamin Juice - 100% Pure Juice

Enjoy this aromatic-fruity composition of pure juice or purée of eleven harmonically balanced fruits.

Easy preparation and optimum consistency through special processing of oat flakes!

Turmeric is a root plant from the ginger family that has long been appreciated for its beneficial nutritional properties.

Bauckhof organic oat pops refined with honey are ideal for breakfast with milk or curd cheese or just for crunching in between. 

Wellion Inverted Sugar - Quick Help with Hypoglycemia, works fast and brings immediate relief.


Taste the fragrant mixture of Yogi tea "Deep breath" with eucalyptus, basil, thyme and other aromatic herbs.