Nutrex BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin 4mg, 60cps

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Dietary supplement with clinically proven anti-inflammatory activity containing natural antioxidant astaxanthin obtained from algae.


Biastin (also known as BioAstin and Astaxanthin) is a basic formula of astaxanthin with powerful antioxidant properties. It acts preventively to prevent possible inflammations.

The effectiveness of BiAstin in doses of four capsules per day has been clinically proven to increase the quality of male semen, and research shows an increase in male fertility by as much as 55%.

BioAstin's main ingredient, astaxanthin, is derived from microalgae, which was the first source of astaxanthin approved for human consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Astaxanthin belongs to the group of carotenoids, molecules that are created in nature in plants and their microscopic relatives - microalgae. It is a red pigment found in various organisms: crustaceans - shrimp, crabs and lobsters, and salmon. The best natural source of astaxanthin, which is both commercially cultivated and processed, is the microalgae Hematococcus pluvialis.

What does BiAstin work on?

• stimulates the body's defense abilities

• has an anticarcinogenic effect

• has an anti-inflammatory effect

• can help reduce pain caused by arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome

• helps against Helycobacter pylori infection

• protects against harmful sun rays and helps skin darken faster

• preserves the health of the eyes, protects against the formation of cataracts

• protects the heart and blood vessels, lowers the elevated level of LDL cholesterol

• helps men who have fertility problems because it affects the quality of the semen

• accelerates muscle recovery after strenuous training

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