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Cinnamon is used in many world traditions, especially Ayurveda, because of its beneficial nutritional properties.

Turmeric is a root plant from the ginger family that has long been appreciated for its beneficial nutritional properties.

Orgona Superfood Matcha powder 100g
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Matcha is a Japanese premium green powdered tea used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Maca is a resistant root plant native to South America and is also known as "ginseng from the Andes" because of its properties.

Super Sale Spirulina powder 100g
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The spirulina microalgae is a 3.6 billion-year-old blue-green freshwater algae that makes it one of the oldest inhabitants of the country and was named for its spiral-like shape. Today it is also known as superfood.

Psyllium flakes were obtained from the seeds of Indian dandruff (Latin called Plantago psyllium).

Chia seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and naturally rich in minerals and fiber.

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Baking soda is a salt derivative that, due to its strong alkaline action, is used as a natural regulator of acidity in food, bakery products, and as a dough loosening substance. It is suitable for oral consumption.

Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Flax seeds are extremely rich in composition and are among the most nutritious seeds.

Delicious, crunchy and sweet hazelnuts are indispensable in the preparation of holiday desserts. 

The creamy structure of nuts enables the wide application of this food in desserts, vegetable whipped cream, shakes, salads and nutritious spreads.

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The tiny oval sesame seeds give the dishes a nutty flavor and delicate crunchiness. The main ingredients are tahini (sesame butter) and the famous Central European sweet - halva.

Extremely nutritious nut, traditionally present in the Mediterranean diet.