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Super Sale Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Wash, organic, 200ml
KM11.94 KM17.05 -30%

Fresh, vitalizing shower cream with natural organic oils.

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Super Sale Weleda Aroma Harmony shower gel 200 ml
KM8.20 KM16.40 -50%

Experience the fragrant harmony of the forest. Stroll through the coniferous forest with fresh, 100% natural aromas of Siberian and silver fir, with relaxing lavender.

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Super Sale Weleda Citrus oil, organic, 100ml
KM15.82 KM22.60 -30%

Invigorating hydration that awake the skin and senses. 

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Super Sale Weleda Sea buckthorn oil, organic, 100ml
KM25.34 KM36.20 -30%

The organic oil that we extract from the flesh of berries and seeds is extremely nutritious, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, and naturally compatible with the skin, which absorbs it easily.

Super Sale Weleda Pomegranate oil, organic, vegan, 100ml
KM24.29 KM34.70 -30%

An antioxidant oil to be enjoyed, because everyone's skin should be radiant.

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Super Sale Weleda Mouthwash ratanhia
KM10.40 KM14.85 -30%

Weleda’s naturally powerful herbal ingredients help your mouth stay healthy and strengthen sensitive gums.

Super Sale Multipurpose calendula balm 25 g
KM10.89 KM15.55 -30%

It nourishes, soothes and protects the baby's skin.

Weleda Multi-Purpose Balm creates an immediate natural protective shield against skin dryness in cold and harsh weather.

Super Sale Weleda Calendula Bath for Children, organic,  vegan, 200ml
KM15.12 KM21.60 -30%

Gently cleanse and nourish delicate baby skin.

Balancing, nourishes, soothes and gently cleanse irritated skin. The surfactant-free, skin-soothing composition of the Calendula bath supports the child’s natural skin functions and promotes peaceful sleep.

Super Sale Weleda Citrus hand and nail cream, organic, 50ml
KM11.52 KM16.45 -30%

Protects brittle nails and nourishes dry and cracked hands.

The citrus hand and nail cream is ideal for taking good care of brittle nails and cracked skin.

Super Sale Weleda Pomegranate regeneration hand cream, organic, vegan, 50ml
KM12.14 KM17.35 -30%

Has an antioxidant effect and promotes cell regeneration.

The pomegranate regeneration hand cream has an antioxidant effect, preserves moisture and prevents pigment spots.

Super Sale Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream, organic, 50ml
KM7.68 KM15.35 -50%

Intensive care with a fresh, fruity fragrance.

The rich texture of the sea buckthorn hand cream makes your hands supple, protects skin and nail bed, is quickly absorbed and pampers the senses with a fruity-fresh fragrance.