List of products by brand Wellion

Wellion DIABASIC is a diet supplement for special medical needs (balanced diet). The combination of natural vitamins, micronutrients and concentrated herbal substances has been designed for the special needs of diabetics.

Package of 30 capsules 25g.

Wellion GOLD inverted sugar acts quickly in the state of hypoglycaemia. It contains magnesium, and it is also ideal for athletes.

Content: 40 g / 28.5 ml

Wellion Finger Cream nourishes a particularly sensitive skin of fingers in a diabetic whose moisture and elasticity are disturbed by daily blood sampling.

Contents: 20 ml

Wellion Skin Care Cream is perfectly designed for the needs of diabetics and people with dry skin.

Content: 75 ml

Wellion Inverted Sugar - Quick Help with Hypoglycemia, works fast and brings immediate relief.


Wellion CIMET Plus capsules contain cinnamon, ginseng, chromium and zinc extract.

Package of 30 capsules 14g.