List of products by brand Weleda

Super Sale Weleda Body lotion pomegranate 200ml
KM17.95 KM35.90 -50%

Expiration day: 30.6.2021.

Light and nourishing skin care for the whole body with a sensual scent. Love for the skin, at your fingertips.


Nourishes and soothes. A cool, smooth finish to a wet or dry shave. As simple as a splash of fresh water, use this gentle balm on stressed skin after every shave, wet or dry.

Strengthened and warmed.

A massage with arnica massage oil stimulated the blood circulation in the skin and prevents tension and cramping – ideal before and after exercise.

Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel, organic, vegan, 200ml
KM15.66 KM17.40 -10%

Stimulating freshness in a light, transparent gel.

Take a surge of energy into the shower - and enjoy the unique scent of rosemary and lavender to get you back to full bloom after exercise.

A natural massage oil that soothes the baby's stomach and stimulates digestion.

A completely natural baby oil intended for a small baby's stomach. Enjoy closeness with your baby while massaging and soothing her.

Stimulating scrub to invigorate skin.

Perk up tired skin with tiny, non-polluting, natural wax beads and step from the shower shiny clean!

The natural treatment for cellulite skin.

Invigorating massage oil for ‘orange-peel’ legs, thighs and buttocks – brisk, effective and entirely made from plants.

Extremely mild formula consisting of only a few, very carefully selected ingredients. Soothes irritation-prone skin and provides gentle care.

Light and nourishing skin care for the whole body with a sensual scent. Love for the skin, at your fingertips.

A wealth of fruit ripened in the sun in a bottle - berries and seeds of organic wolfberry give the oil that makes this lotion rich and revitalizing. 

Delicious, organic herbal tea for breastfeeding moms.

Promotes a harmonious breastfeeding relationship. The organic breastfeeding tea supports milk production and promotes a harmonious breastfeeding relationship. 

Gently cleanse and nourish delicate baby skin.

Balancing, nourishes, soothes and gently cleanse irritated skin. The surfactant-free, skin-soothing composition of the Calendula bath supports the child’s natural skin functions and promotes peaceful sleep.