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Very tasty candies made from ginger extract.

Very tasty and refreshing candies made with the addition of lemon extract. 

Light agave nectar has a mild, almost neutral flavor, and it is a great choice for use in baked goods, delicate tasting deserts, sauces and beverages.

Maya Gold Organic Coconut Sugar is a delicious and healthy alternative to cane or beet sugar.

Organic agave syrup is great for making cakes, jams and marmalades, but also as a sweetener for various hot and cold drinks.


Powder containing Rebaudioside A above 97% + purity with inulin. 

Stevia in a bag with inulin contains the purest Rebaudioside A above 97% + purity mixed with inulin.

Pure sweet aromas, it is suitable for sweetening teas and coffee, cocoa drinks and many desserts.

Birch sugar (xylitol) is a substitute for sugar that can be used as regular crystal sugar .

Erythritol is a sweetener with no energy value. It has a low glycemic index and has very little effect on the rise in blood sugar.

You can spread this popular syrup on bread, sweeten American (or plain) pancakes, or make a juicy topping for fruit salads or a biscuit cake.

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Very tasty candies made with the addition of peppermint extract.