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The red lens is light and easy to digest legumes that you do not need to be soaked and cooked very quickly (15-20 minutes). 

Brown lentils goes well with tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil. You can serve as a main dish in the form stews or soups, combined with pasta, polenta, salad or as a spread. 

If you want to eat tasty and quickly prepared meal, this variant already cooked beans is the right choice. 

This special type of bean is a perfect addition to all meals, and since that is grown organically, is a real treasure trove of minerals, protein and fiber. 

Because of its origin called the Mexican beans or "chilli bean". 

Cooked butter beans ideal for the preparation of quick meals. Try it as a side dish of cereal or as an addition to nourishing salads. 

Cooked brown beans ideal for the preparation of quick meals. 

This corn has large and beautiful kernels that are fried into delicious popcorn. 

Enrich salads and stews with delicious organically grown beans and create interesting spreads by blending it with various spices.

Mungo beans are a delicate legume similar in taste to peas.

Soy is one of the legumes richest in protein and other nutrients.