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Refreshing citrus fragrance oil for protection against mosquitoes and insects.

Wellion Finger Cream nourishes a particularly sensitive skin of fingers in a diabetic whose moisture and elasticity are disturbed by daily blood sampling.

Contents: 20 ml

Antiseptic and astringent oil.

Wellion Skin Care Cream is perfectly designed for the needs of diabetics and people with dry skin.

Content: 75 ml

Lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopogon citratus), energetically lifts and stimulates.

Organic lavender-scented laundry detergent.

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An ideal floor cleaner that cleans gently but effectively.

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Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis, warms, stimulates, stimulates circulation, revives, regenerates body and spirit.

Ecological dishwashing detergent with the scent of chamomile.

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Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash Cream, organic, 75ml
KM11.07 KM12.30 -10%

Gentle protection for delicate skin.

Pacify baby’s most sensitive area with the gentle benefits of nourishing calendula. Soothes skin and diminishes the appearance of redness from day one.

It is recommended for headaches, insomnia, stress, asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, sinusitis. It is a strong antiseptic.

Organic herbal dishwashing tablets with lemon scent. 

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Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, vegan, organic, 200ml
KM14.76 KM16.40 -10%

Gentle in the bath and shower, for a happy clean baby.

Kind calendula gently cleanses delicate skin and hair, so everyone has fun at bath time.

Weleda Calendula Face Cream, organic, 50ml
KM13.68 KM15.20 -10%

Gentle protection and moisture for baby’s exposed skin

Help baby skin learn its natural protective function with a little guidance from nature. Gentle cream leaves baby faces velvet-soft.

Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream, organic, 30ml
KM12.06 KM13.40 -10%

Protection for delicate baby skin in harsh weather.

Little rosy cheeks glow in the cold, perfectly protected with a rich, natural balm of Weather Protection Cream.

Weleda Calendula Body Lotion, organic, 200ml
KM19.44 KM21.60 -10%

Mild moisturising and calming lotion for delicate skin.

Nourishes and moisturizes gently with almond oil and extract from marigold: Calendula care milk soothes the skin, provides moisture and is quickly absorbed. Ideal daily skin care.

Keep baby’s skin velvety-soft and support its natural functions with organic calendula extract. Weleda baby care – made with 50 years of know-how.

Perfume-free, protects and regenerates the skin in the diaper area.

Nappy care from the very first day with gentle natural ingredients.

Intensive care specially developed for sensitive skin, which naturally regenerates irritated skin in the diaper area.

Clean, dry and happy, protected from sore skin – Fragrance free White Mallow Nappy Change Cream is every parent’s wish for their newborn child.

Avocado oil is rich in nutrients that it provides to our skin, so it is an exceptional pleasure to use it in the care and preservation of skin health!

An antioxidant oil to be enjoyed, because everyone's skin should be radiant.

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Fragrance-free, nourishing intensely and soothes.

The fragrance-free white mallow face cream is for highly sensitive to neurodermitic skin. It nourishes intensely, moisturizes and relieves itching.

Soothing and comforting for baby’s hypersensitive, dry or atopic skin.

Gentle, natural face cream with no added fragrance. White Mallow, pansy, sweet almond, beeswax and coconut – nature’s kindest gifts.

Invigorating hydration that awake the skin and senses. 

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The organic oil that we extract from the flesh of berries and seeds is extremely nutritious, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, and naturally compatible with the skin, which absorbs it easily.

Zingy, zesty bath time fun for little grown-ups.

Mild and gentle 2in1 cleansing for delicate skin and hair – especially developed with kids, for kids. No synthetics, creamy/zingy, fruity bath time fun in a tube.

For lively, refreshing washing fun from nature, 100% of natural origin.

No synthetics, creamy/zingy, fruity bath time fun in a tube.

Weleda Baby Tummy Oil, organic, vegan, 50ml
KM19.22 KM21.35 -10%

A natural massage oil that soothes the baby's stomach and stimulates digestion.

A completely natural baby oil intended for a small baby's stomach. Enjoy closeness with your baby while massaging and soothing her.

Fresh, fruity bath time fun for little grown-ups.

Mild and gentle 2in1 cleansing for delicate skin and hair – especially developed with kids, for kids. No synthetics, just fresh, fruity bath time fun in a tube of 100 % of natural origin. 

Weleda Calendula oil odorless 200ml, organic
KM22.14 KM24.60 -10%

Organic baby oil for sensitive skin.

Simple natural baby skin care. Only two organic ingredients, clean and fresh as the baby's skin itself.

Convenient Roll-On Deo with natural essential oils, free of aluminium salts

Feel activated and invigorated with an woody masculine scent.

Weleda Marigold body and face cream 75 ml
KM11.43 KM12.70 -10%

The rich cream is the perfect choice for the daily care of delicate and sensitive skin of infants and children.

Easy to apply Roll-On Deo with natural lemon.

Lift your spirits with lasting lemon freshness, without aluminium salts.

Easy to apply Roll-On Deo with natural essential oils, free of aluminium salts.

Feel sensual and fresh with the exotic scent of orange, davana and vanilla.