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Organic mustard, hot.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free.  

Traditionally rolled corn flakes in Demeter quality. Extra crispy – also in milk, yogurt or cereal drinks. Or just without anything just o crunch. 

Iodized fine sea salt is hand-picked in salt fields. 

Organic mustard, fine.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free. 

Iodized coarse sea salt is hand-harvested in salt fields.

Senf Wiking, vegan 160 ml

Organic Wiking mustard with barley malt

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free. 

Zwergenwiese Organic Tomato Sauce for Kids with the natural sweetness of apples, naturally contains sugar.

Orgona Cocoa butter 200g
KM14.31 KM15.90 -10%

Due to its creamy structure and rich chocolate aroma, this vegetable butter is ideal for making chocolate delicacies and natural desserts.

Zwergenwiese Organic Pur Tomato Sauce is a delicious tomato sauce made from fresh peeled tomatoes.

Organic tomato ketchup

Organic, Bio, Vegan.

Ekozona Dried figs 200 g
KM8.10 KM9.00 -10%

Organic dried figs, rich in flavor.

Very tasty candies made from ginger extract.

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