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Iodized fine sea salt is hand-picked in salt fields. 

Organic mustard, hot.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free.  

Iodized coarse sea salt is hand-harvested in salt fields.

Organic mustard, fine.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free. 

Senf Wiking, vegan 160 ml

Organic Wiking mustard with barley malt

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free. 

Nin flower salt belongs to a specific type of sea textural salt that is used for delicate salting after cooking.

A great mixture of spices that will pleasantly complement the taste of your meal.

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Start your day with crispy, tasty and light amaranth flakes.

Organic dried figs, rich in flavor.

Very tasty candies made from ginger extract.

Organic tomato ketchup

Organic, Bio, Vegan.

Organic pasta of original Italian recipe, has an attractive appearance and is ideal as an addition to soups.

FruchtGarten fruit spread cherry 225 g

Organic fruit-spread cherry.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free. 

Dried red peppercorns from controlled cultivation, superior aroma.

Sunflower oil for frying with a high content of oleic acid.

Sweet and sour cranberries are great as an addition to cereals, muesli and shakes. They are also a popular addition to muffins and dried fruit breads.

Cold pressed hemp seed oil from controlled organic farming.

Very tasty and refreshing candies made with the addition of lemon extract. 

FruchtGarten fruit spread black currant 225 g

Organic fruit-spread black currant.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free.

Black pepper powder 50g from controlled cultivation, superior aroma.

Light agave nectar has a mild, almost neutral flavor, and it is a great choice for use in baked goods, delicate tasting deserts, sauces and beverages.

Easily digestible, delicious organic almond drink. Ideal as a base for a shake or smoothie or as an addition to cereal flakes and muesli.

A unique whole pasta with a distinctive and full taste.

Dried black peppercorns from controlled cultivation, superior aroma.

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Turmeric is ideal as a spice in sauces, marinades and bean dishes.

Maya Gold Organic Coconut Sugar is a delicious and healthy alternative to cane or beet sugar.

Delicious, crunchy and sweet hazelnuts are indispensable in the preparation of holiday desserts. 

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Millet poppies are flakes made from expanded millet, they are ideal for breakfast or snack. They are especially popular among children.

FruchtGarten fruit-spread raspberry 225 g

Organic fruit-spread raspberries.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free. 

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Easily digestible, delicious organic coconut drink.