BIOBRAN 1000 a natural dietary supplement

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Boost immunity naturally!

BioBran powder is one of the most powerful natural preparations for raising immunity that we offer and whose effectiveness has been confirmed for many years.

The package contains 30 sachets.

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BioBran is a dietary supplement that is produced by a unique patented process of derivation rice bran with the help of enzymes shitake mushrooms. The main active ingredient, arabinoxylan, with the help of other natural ingredients synergistically act as a potent tool to support good health.

BioBran 1000 is effective as an immunostimulant.

BioBran 1000 MGN-3 Arabinoxylan is able to increase NK cell activity by almost
300% in two weeks, while B and T cell activity increases by 200 and 150%, respectively.

BioBran 1000 is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Studies show that BioBran MGN-3 has an anti-inflammatory effect (chronic rheumatism) and antioxidant, improve glucose tolerance (diabetes), increase pancreatic and liver function, reduce side effects of chemotherapy and improves quality of life.

BioBran 1000 is easily absorbed in the digestive tract.

BioBran MGN-3 is well absorbed in the body through normal intestinal absorption processes.

The BioBran 1000 is completely devoid of toxicity.

The BioBran 1000 is supported by several scientific researches.

BioBran 1000 is a quick effect.

The effects of BioBran 1000 increase in immune system activity occur within a few days and only a few weeks after its administration, the immunomodulatory action becomes effective (90%).

BioBran 1000 is 100% natural and non-GMO.

BioBran is a 100% natural food supplement made from rice and shitake mushrooms. Not a medicine, a synthetic chemical or a genetically modified (GMO-free) product. So, BioBran can be consumed with confidence by vegetarians.

BioBran 1000 does not have the effect of intolerance that a series of dietary supplements or immunomodulators have them. This means that BioBran is also effective in administrations on (months) and its administration is not marked by the risk of intolerance.

BioBran 1000 does not show contraindications.

BioBran 1000 is not contraindicated, hundreds of thousands of people have consumed it over the years without no problem. (Being a soluble fiber, do not have a laxative effect.)

BioBran 1000 is easy to administer.

Being a pleasant oral gastric supplement, available like powder soluble, BioBran 1000 MGN-3 Arabinoxilan is easy to administer.

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