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Super Sale Weleda Pomerange oil, organic, vegan, 100ml
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Expiration day: 30.6.2021.
An antioxidant oil to be enjoyed, because everyone's skin should be radiant.

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Super Sale Weleda Body lotion pomegranate 200ml
KM17.95 KM35.90 -50%

Expiration day: 30.6.2021.

Light and nourishing skin care for the whole body with a sensual scent. Love for the skin, at your fingertips.

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A wealth of fruit ripened in the sun in a bottle - berries and seeds of organic wolfberry give the oil that makes this lotion rich and revitalizing. 

Extremely mild formula consisting of only a few, very carefully selected ingredients. Soothes irritation-prone skin and provides gentle care.

Light and nourishing skin care for the whole body with a sensual scent. Love for the skin, at your fingertips.

Super Sale Weleda Soothing Hand Cream Almond, organic, vegan, 50ml
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Expiration day: 29.6.2021.

Soothes, moisturizes and gently nourishes.

Cares for sensitive hands with silky softness and provides them with lasting moisture.

Super Sale Orthomol Vital m Super Sale Orthomol Vital m
KM55.95 KM111.90 -50%

Expiration day: 15.7.2021.
Important micronutrients for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Your everyday life makes demands. And you deliver. We provide what you need. Orthomol Vital m.

Lactose and gluten free.

  • Packaging of 30 daily portions bottles plus 2 capsule.
  • Packaging of 30 daily portions granules plus 1 tablet/ 1 capsule.
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Dr. Hauschka Eye make-up removal emulsion 75ml
KM24.63 KM37.90 -35%

Expiration day: 31.7.2021.
Dr. Hauschka eye makeup remover gently but effectively cleanses the face and eye area.

Dr. Hauschka revitalizing mask is intended for additional and intensive care of normal and / or impure skin.

Like all our night care products, Dr. Hauschka Night Serum is oil-free. Discover a lightweight serum that supports your skin’s natural processes throughout the night. 

A tonic is an indispensable step in the basic care of normal, dry and sensitive skin. 

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If your dry, sensitive skin is in need of rich, nourishing care, our Rose Day Cream is the perfect solution.