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Super Sale Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil With a Pipette, 18ml
KM26.53 KM37.90 -30%

Dr. Hauscka Daily Facial Oil restores the skin's naturally beautiful appearance.

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It is an extremely valuable oil in regenerative skin care, and is very effective in the treatment of burns, wrinkles, scars, eczema, hyperpigmented and prematurely aged skin.

It has natural antioxidant properties and acts as a mild astringent.

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Odorless coconut oil is ideal for frying, baking and stewing because it is extremely thermostable, so it does not create free radicals and release other harmful ingredients. 

Exposed to heat above 25°C, it turns into a liquid state.

A nutritious legume that goes well with tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil.

It can be served as a main dish or a dish in the form of a stew or soup, on a salad or as a spread.

Ecozone chia seeds rich in unsaturated fatty acids, naturally rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

The slightly nutty taste of red rice combines well with other grains, such as brown rice or quinoa. Its taste stands out especially in dishes with root and green leafy vegetables.

Quinoa is a grain, that is, a seed that has been cultivated since ancient times and originates from the ancient Incas.

It is known for being richer in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates than other cereals. Due to its nutritional properties and exceptional nutrition, it is an excellent substitute for rice and pasta. 

Food supplement.

The first step in food allergy and atopic dermatitis.

90 capsules.

For newborns, children and adults.

Food supplement.

The first step in food allergy and atopic dermatitis.

30 capsules.

For newborns, children and adults.

Super sale Bauckhof Organic Bread Baking Mixture gluten-free Quick Bread with seeds 500g
KM5.53 KM7.90 -30%

Expiration day: 2.12.2023.

Fast bread with seeds in 60 minute – without yeast & without “letting go”. You just add water. Makes about 850g of bread. 

Super sale Bauckhof Flour Mix Universal, gluten free, organic and vegan, 800g
KM3.98 KM7.95 -50%

Expiration day: 04.12.2023.

Gluten-free flour mixture for backing and cooking!

Super sale Rice flour, whole grain, gluten-free, organic and vegan, 500g
KM4.13 KM5.90 -30%

Expiration day: 24.12.2023.

Rice grain flour, ground in additional, separate Bauckhof mill for exclusively gluten-free products!

Super Sale Zwergenwiese Mustard Hot, 160ml
KM1.24 KM4.95 -75%

Expiration day: 23.11.2023.

Organic mustard, hot.

Organic, Bio, Vegan, Gluten-free.  

Super Sale Weleda Cream for cold days 30 ml
KM9.20 KM18.40 -50%

Expiration day: 30.11.2023.

Weleda Cold cream consists of only a few, pure natural vegetable oils and beeswax. Precious real rose oil gives it a wonderful scent.

Super Sale Orthomol Beauty 30 daily doses
KM92.45 KM184.90 -50%

Expiration day: 23.11.2023.

Orthomol Beauty is a dietary supplement with important micronutrients for skin, hair and nails.

Super Sale Orthomol Vital M Bottles 7 daily portions
KM18.75 KM37.50 -50%

Expiration day: 15.11.2023.

Orthomol Vital m is a dietary supplement.

It contains important micronutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium, which contribute to the normal energy of metabolism and the normal functioning of the nervous system. With omega-3 fatty acids.

Lactose free and gluten free.

Super Sale Weleda Moisturizing cream for men 30ml
KM13.02 KM18.60 -30%

The light moisturizer for men contains organic jojoba, sesame oil and marshmallow root extracts, which protect, soothe and hydrate the skin. It absorbs quickly and smells great.

Completely natural freshness!

It neutralizes and prevents unpleasant odors, maintains the natural regulatory functions of the skin.

Super Sale Weleda Sage deodorant 100ml
KM13.69 KM19.55 -30%

The universal freshness of the scent of plants.

Sage, rosemary and thyme essential oils for body freshness.

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Super Sale Weleda White Mallow Body Lotion, organic, 200ml
KM23.80 KM34.00 -30%

Perfume-free, nourishes and soothes. Tender care all over for baby’s dry and sensitive skin.

Tender care all over for baby’s dry and sensitive skin.

Nature’s kindest. The perfect lotion for babies with hypersensitive or atopic skin – soothing, calming and protecting.

Super Sale Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Wash, organic, 200ml
KM11.52 KM16.45 -30%

Fresh, vitalizing shower cream with natural organic oils.

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