BIOfan Maple syrup 250 ml

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You can spread this popular syrup on bread, sweeten American (or plain) pancakes, or make a juicy topping for fruit salads or a biscuit cake.


It is also popular in the preparation of marinades for savory dishes. With its rich taste, it will enrich the taste of any tea, and hot lemonade with maple syrup will quickly become a favorite winter super drink. It is an excellent substitute for sugar, and is also used in drinks to strengthen the body.

The color of this precious syrup can vary. The darker the syrup, the stronger its taste and contains a higher concentration of antioxidants. It is obtained from the bark of the maple tree, by cutting the trees when the sap is collected which is then boiled to the desired density.

Maple syrup has a higher glycemic index compared to other sweeteners.

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