Primavera Almond base oil 100 ml

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Deeply nourishes, hydrates and strengthens sensitive, dry skin and is suitable for all skin types.


Almond oil is valuable for the care of the whole family, and is especially recommended for the care of babies. When applied, it penetrates deep into the top layer of the skin, preserving the skin's natural moisture. Deeply nourishes, hydrates and strengthens sensitive, dry skin and is suitable for all skin types. In aromatherapy, it is a popular base for mixing with precious essential oils.

The effectiveness of Primavera almond oil was tested in 2016 in an independent study of 20 women aged between 24 and 56 years. The result showed a reduction in skin redness by more than 60%, as well as an increase in skin moisture by more than 30%. The natural turbidity of this oil is also a possible quality property, as valuable fats and secondary phytochemicals are preserved. For baby care, add a few drops of almond oil to damp gauze and use instead of wet wipes. For special moments of care and attention between mom and baby, a massage with almond oil is recommended. Warm the oil between your palms and apply it to the baby’s upper body from the heart in a clockwise direction. Finish the massage by receiving the baby's legs and warming them by touching them. For the care of mother's skin, this precious oil is recommended during pregnancy to prevent the formation of stretch marks, but also after childbirth for skin massage and nipple care after breastfeeding.

Base oils have an incredible resemblance to our skin structure and help with regeneration and intense hydration. The best results are achieved if applied to damp skin because they are absorbed so quickly and the skin remains incredibly soft and nourished. Primavera base oils are made with carefully controlled cold pressing techniques to preserve all the precious and nourishing ingredients,

Special attributes:
Suitable for vegans.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil from organic farming. Natural ingredients can cause turbidity of the product. The appearance of fat crystals at lower temperatures does not change the quality of the product.

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