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An antioxidant oil to be enjoyed, because everyone's skin should be radiant.

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An antioxidant oil to be enjoyed, because everyone's skin should be radiant. Nourishing, invigorating treatment with an inspiring, feminine fragrant note. Proven to improve the regeneration of naturally aging skin cells.

Protect the natural beauty of your body by using clean, rich oils every day. Wise pomegranate keeps moisture where it is needed, in the hidden heart of the fruit, and we carefully squeeze the oil from the seeds for their antioxidant and balancing properties. Rejuvenating oils of jojoba, sesame and macadamia in combination with fresh, fragrant notes of orange, wormwood and vanilla. A harmonious treat for the senses - for fragrant and refreshed skin that glows.

Stimulates cell regeneration. An antioxidant that protects against dryness and premature skin aging. Softens and firms the skin. Excellent tolerance even for sensitive skin.

Certified natural, without synthetic condoms, fragrances, dyes or raw materials obtained from mineral oils.

Jojoba seed oil Sesame seed oil Sunflower seed oil Wheat germ oil Macadamia seed oil Millet seed extract Lemongrass * 1 Pomegranate seed oil Non-saponifying olive oil component Sunflower petal extract Fragrance / Benzum 1 Citron 1 Linall * Linall * 1 Citral * 1 Eugenol * 1 Coumarin * 1 Farnesol *
* from natural essential oils

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