List of products by brand Vitae Health Innovation

Oral health thanks to the regenerating and hydrating power of omega 7 and hyaluronic acid.

Buco Vitae is itended for treatment of mouth ulcers.

Regenerating, anti inflammatory, analgesic results within the buccal mucosa area. 

Moisturizer for the external genital area.

Emollient and soothing effect, regeneration and hydration.


Start the day with energy and vitality thanks to NADH and coenzyme Q10.

Food supplement based on NADH, Coenzim Q10, Serine and Vitamin C.

Happy digestions thanks to the mixture of beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes.

Vitadigest enzymes is a food supplement containing 4 digestive enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase and lactase) in combination with beneficial intestinal bacteria (L.gasseri, B.longum and B.bifidum).