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Suitable for the preparation of muesli and bread as well as for soups, desserts, breads, pastries or topping.

Millet warms from the inside. The heat processes stimulated by the millet have a positive effect on the emotions.

Gluten-free whole grain buckweaht flakes in Demeter quality are perfect for the preparation of cereals, breakfast porridge and patties. 

Demeter rice flakes for milk rice, burgers,….

Start your day with crispy, tasty and light amaranth flakes.

Dinkel consists mainly of carbohydrates (starch), but also a high content of proteins and vitamins such as vitamin B1, B6, E and minerals magnesium, iron, phosphorus and manganese. Given its composition, it would be worthwhile to include it in the diet for several reasons.

They are a quick, nutritious and filling meal that you can eat in the morning for energy throughout the day.

Millet poppies are flakes made from expanded millet, they are ideal for breakfast or snack. They are especially popular among children.

Oatmeal is most often cooked in water, milk or herbal drinks for morning porridge, and can also be used as an additive in the preparation of bread and pastries.

Oatmeal is natural and almost unprocessed, and consists of oats, a whole grain cereal.